Chained Echoes Unique Monsters Guide

chained echoes unique monsters guide

Chained Echoes is a retro-style RPG game that offers players a novel experience in a well-known genre by fusing traditional JRPG gameplay with contemporary themes. The game has a sizable world with distinctive settings, people, and most importantly monsters.

These monsters are referred to as Unique Monsters, and they are frequently more powerful and difficult to destroy than common foes.

However, I have provided you with this article, “Chained Echoes Unique Monsters Guide” to guide you on how to take down the Unique Monsters in Chained Echoes. Read on to learn more if you’re prepared to take on the hardest tasks in the game.

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How To Defeat Many Unique Monsters Of Chained Echoes

Before the adventure, you will be introduced to the idea of Unique Monsters. A group of unusual, strong creatures that breed all over the earth Valandis.

The optional fights against Unique Monsters will put your fighting prowess to the absolute limit. Next up are the various sorts of distinctive monsters that can be found throughout Valandis of chained echoes. Keep reading!

1. Tak the Yak

Tak the Yak is a tough opponent in Chained Echoes, found in Rohlan Fields, (North of Farnsport). Tak has straightforward but painful moves, including a normal strike, ram, stomp, and bass bleat.

The key to winning the battle is to hit Tak, particularly with Kylian’s Leg Aim, to give more time for attacks.

2. Leaping the Frog

The monster Leaping the Frog may disappear from its nest occasionally and appear on a ledge to the north, out of reach until players reach a certain chain on their Rewards Board. Leaping the Frog is less difficult than Tak the Yak but still a challenge.

However, the monster hits harder than other enemies. It has three attacks: normal strike, water attack, and Frog Song, which gives it Regen status.

The monster is weak to earth, with this, weakening its agility and physical/magical stats is necessary, and a cleric should be constantly healing with Heal All. Keep attacking while maintaining an even Overdrive, and be patient to avoid rushing the fight, which can push the Overdrive bar into Overheat and lead to defeat.

3. Mimic

In Rohlan Fields, a monster named Don Q is found north of the entrance to Fanrsport. The mimic is a type of enemy that disguises itself as an object in the game world to lure in unsuspecting players.

When you engage the mimic, it will reveal its true form and attack you. To defeat the mimic, you need to attack it a few times until it is defeated.

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4. Ekskalibur

The location of this unique monster, called the Ekskalibur, is a bit unusual compared to other monsters. To spawn it, you need to go to the central area of Fiorwoods and find an area where you can run around a copse of trees three times in the central section of Fiorwoods.

It has a few attacks, including a melee strike, a magic shield, and physical resistance. After taking one physical strike, it will activate its physical resistance, and physical attacks will no longer damage it. To defeat it, weaken Ekskalibur and use magic attacks, preferably water.

4. Arthros

After defeating Ekskalibur, the next step is to head to the specific area marked on the map. When you reach the marked area, you’ll need to look up at the tree branches above you.

The next unique monster, which is called Arthros, is a red-eyed creature that will jump out of the branches and start attacking you. Physical attacks on Arthros are hard; however, you should rely on magic and use Water moves to defeat it.

5. Dwelly of the Valley

To fight Dwelly of the Valley, a unique monster in the Kortaran Mountain Range, players need to pilot Sky Armors to reach a small island. Dwelly has three attacks: a normal physical strike, a wing flap, and bad breath. Weaken the monster, then attack with Gear 2 and magic attacks.

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6. Gol D Waterfly

To spawn Gol D. Waterfly in Kortara, you must kill many of its children, then find it in the northeast on a solitary platform.

Regardless of your strategy, defeating Gol D. Waterfly is simple. Protect yourself against water, and you should be alright. This unlucky insect will perish if you engage in combat while wearing your Sky Armor.

7. Da Capo

Da Capo is a bizarre resident of the Flower Fields of Perpetua, located in the southwest of the region. To challenge Da Capo, jump to the Western Fast Travel Crystal, then fly south in your Sky Armor and enter a cave to the Ograne Grottos.

Da Capo’s defenses aren’t particularly powerful, so any strong assault you have should be sufficient. Fire attacks are good in this case.

8. Humphry the Hungry

Humphry the Hungry is a titanic sandworm located in the southeastern section of the Flower Fields of Perpetua, with a recommended level of 20+.

It is strong against Earth and weak against Light, and its attacks include a normal melee strike and Bed of Stones. Humphry regains health at a rapid pace, so it’s essential to weaken its physical attributes, perhaps make it blind and poisoned, and target its weakness to light attacks.

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9. Otter Nobunaga

Otter Nobunaga is located on the beach in the northwest of the Arkant Archipelago. He can use a sword strike, Arc Swing and Charming Cuteness. He has no weakness but is strong against water attacks. The battle can be easy if the otter is weakened.

10. Bog the Real Gob

Bog the Real Gob is an enemy in the Ograne Grottos at the Raminas Tower entrance. Bog has a simple attack pattern but is much more powerful than expected, using Ace Thrice, Fire Stare, and Miasma Skull spells to deal significant damage.

To defeat him, players should use status ailments such as Inact, Paralyze, and Silence to halt his turns, pump up the team’s agility, and whack him to death.

11. Aurora the Dragon

Aurora the Dragon is a reclusive creature located on an empty island in the northeast of the Flying Continent Shambala. To spawn it, enter and re-enter the area until it appears.

This fight is difficult due to Aurora’s powerful attacks, hitting hard with a normal melee strike and Fire Breath. The use of Sky Armor is mandatory to win the battle.

12. Golden Borb Bob

Golden Borb Bob is a monster located in the southern region of the Flying Continent Shambala and can be found on a sandy stretch in the northeast of the area.

The monster initially appears as an egg and can hatch when the battle begins. Golden Borb Bob is resistant to magic and has two attacks: melting gold and Consume TP.

You cannot use any magic attacks on Golden Borb Bob. However, the fight is not difficult, you can defeat the monster with the use of farming items such as Shiny Bellies, Gold Nuggets, or Platinum Nuggets.

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13. Hairy Otter

On the northern shore in the region’s northeast is the Arkant Archipelago. Hairy Otter uses magic and has a preference for light over darkness.

He utilises Blinding Light and Heals during the battle. He can be defeated by reducing his health to half and then incapacitating him for a turn using a status condition (such as Sleep, Inact, Silence, etc.).

14. The Senior Tadeye

The Senior Tadeye is a powerful wind-based boss located in the western area of the Ograne Grottos. To find it, complete a section of the side quest The Gates to Nhysa, and head west to an area full of Tadeyes.

The Senior Tadeye will drive off the other Tadeyes, indicating its presence. Use incocybin berries to weaken it, and then defeat it using normal melee strikes, an AOE attack, and an electric tail.

15. God King Gaemdriel

God King Gaemdriel is the final Unique Monster in Chained Echoes and the most difficult boss in the game. To defeat him, it is essential to prepare your team thoroughly, including leveling up, acquiring the best equipment, and mastering abilities.

Gaemdriel has several attack patterns, including using powerful elemental attacks and summoning allies, but the key is to focus on one part of his body at a time, which will weaken him and make the fight more manageable.

It is also essential to use status effects such as silence and stun. With patience and strategy, you can defeat God King Gaemdriel and complete Chained Echoes.

In conclusion:

Unique monsters in Chained Echoes can be challenging, but they can be defeated with the appropriate planning and approach.

Utilize the advice in this guide to spotting your weaknesses, make the most of buffs and the environment, and have a fallback strategy.

Remember that failure is an opportunity for learning and development, so don’t give up if you initially fail. Chained Echoes’ unique creatures can be masterfully defeated with enough experience, perseverance, and patience.

  • March 8, 2023