Darktide Mouse Stuck On Screen – Causes & Solutions

darktide mouse stuck on screen

Nothing is so annoying than seeing our smooth game get stuck when playing it. this is usually caused by technical glitches in the game application or the system. Your mouse can get stuck on the screen without going out.

Suppose you’re currently experiencing this arrogance from the game, don’t be perturbed because you’re at the right place. In this article, we will look into the steps to fix the issue. Just follow on and try all steps provided here should any fail to resolve it.

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How to Fix Darktide Cursor Stuck on Screen Issue

1.   Restart the game

You can restart Darktide whenever the mouse got stuck on the screen. Restarting the game might be all you need to resolve this. But before then, try to see if you can save your game progress to prevent you from starting afresh after the restart.

When you restart the game, it will remove every hitch and also send the game application to its good state before the glitch occurred.

2.   Disable Overlay

You can disable the overlay if you have restarted the game and the mouse is still stuck on the screen. Disable the overlay by right-clicking the mouse in the taskbar and choosing “Disable Overlay.” This should resolve the issue now.

In case that fails to resolve the mouse stuck challenge, doing a complete overlay should fix it.

Now go to “Performance” and click on “Disable Overlay.” After disabling the overlay, you can start the game afresh and the mouse issue must have been resolved.

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Also, updating your mouse graphics can help to solve most game hitches. Therefore, once in a while, run an update on your computer to update the graphics drivers. Resolving this issue might consider adjusting the system mouse sensitivity in the game. You can also shut down hardware acceleration and another in-game overlay, and reinstall the game.

Supposed you have done all this and the mouse still got stuck in the game. Check if you have the same experience in other games before carrying out the next step. If this happens in all your games, then the fault is from your PC and you need a technician to fix it.

3.   Use Borderless Screen

Darktide Mouse is quite a different means we can use our mouse to play games on our computers. With the mouse, we can control everything on the screen without any frame required.

Using a Borderless screen will enable the mouse to hover at every corner of the screen without any issues. A Borderless screen will also hinder the mouse from getting stuck on the screen for whatever reason. It also improves your gaming experience.

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Using a Borderless screen makes games played with a mouse more enjoyable and to quickly take action. You will have access to all corners of the screen and do all you need to.

4.   Adjust Screen Resolution

Suppose you have done all listed above and the mouse is still stuck or you’re not satisfied with the outcome. then, adjusting the screen resolution might be the next step to take. When you visit your computer display settings, it will show the recommended display of your PC. Check if your pc display resolution is low and increase it as it might be the reason your mouse is getting stuck on the screen.

You can resolve this challenge when you increase your display resolution. Once done, restart the PC and see if the mouse can now operate freely.

If none of the guides here helped you out, please seek the support of a technician

Final Words

The aforementioned procedures will help you in your quest to fix the mouse stuck on screen error in Darktide, Do well to follow them.

  • March 9, 2023