DNF Duel Legend Ranks (Guide)

dnf duel legend ranks

DNF Duel is a fighting game where players fight against their opponents. The fight can go on through lobbies or PVP-based matches; the game was generated from the idea of the Dungeon and Fighter Series. This guide will look at all you need to know about the DNF Duel Legend Ranking system.

DNF Duel Ranking System Explained 

DNF Duel ranked matches offer players the ability to play online games when they switch to Online Modes. In the online game, they’re queued up against other players with similar ranks.

This gives every player the opportunity to test their skills and strategies against other players. If you haven’t played such a game before, starting a Rank Match will be brutal to you, so you can start with a beginner rank and climb the ladder.

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During the online fighting period, players can view their game histories, such as matches won, accuracy, durability, and lots more. They can also accept or reject to fight with you within a waiting period allowed in the game. The waiting period is 30 seconds, and you have to decide within the timeframe.

If you have already ranked up and want to play the online mode, you can change your rank to rank you with similar players. But if you think you have the guts to be the king, you can select the toughest ranked matches and meet other god-like players in the game.

Gaining Victory In Matches 

When the match begins after you have accepted to fight your opponents, the fighters are 3 in number. You are to be the last man standing by the end of the game or score the highest points to win the match.

How Ranking System And Upgrading Works In DNF Duel 

DNF Duel Legend Ranks are divided into 6 tiers which will be discussed below.

1. Bronze 

As a new player in the game, you’re to kick off with the Bronze tier, which is the game’s lowest level.

The Bronze tier is divided into four tiers; after these, you must gain insight into the gameplay.

  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Bronze IV 

2. Silver 

After completing the Bronze tier, you must win an “advancement match.” In each tier four of the Ranking systems, there are 5 advancement matches. You are to win 3 out of these matches to climb to the next rank.

Silver is made up of four tiers which are:

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV

3. Gold 

Gold Rank is another powerful rank to climb after getting through with the Silver rank. Before reaching the Gold Rank, you must have gained insane ideas and control over the game.

You also have to win 3 out of the 5 advancement matches to climb to the next rank discussed below. Gold Rank also comes with four tiers that you must battle to reach the advancement match.

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  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Gold IV

4. Diamond 

After successfully grinding and upgrading your stats to win the Gold rank matches, you will be welcomed to the Diamond Rank. This rank is such a ruthless rank when you engage in battle with other players.

In Diamond Rank, you will fight more battles in each tier before moving to the second tier.

  • Diamond I
  • Diamond II
  • Diamond III
  • Diamond IV

To rank higher in the ranking system, you have to fight and win other opponents in the same lobby’s brutal and deadly 3 matches. You must have equipped your tough gear to stand a chance at this stage.

5. Terranite 

This is the fifth rank in DNF Duel Legends that players can rank to. It also has four tiers to fight in this rank.

  • Terranite I
  • Terranite II
  • Terranite III
  • Terranite IV

You have to win a total of 11 brutal and merciless matches if you think of climbing the next rank.

6. Diety 

The last and most challenging rank in DNF Duel Legend. At this rank, no tiers and no advancement fights. You are to combat and have all fun as you have reached the top.

Final Thoughts 

So far, we have discussed all the ranking systems in DNF Duel Legends that you need to know and how to climb the ladder. In the game, its crucial to equip yourself with the best stats and weapons to stand a chance.
As the game is brutal and ruthless, you also need to be dangerous in inflicting damage on your opponent. We hope you find this guide helpful. Bookmark our page for more.
  • January 16, 2023