God Of War Abandoned Village Raven Location Guide

god of war the abandoned village raven location guide

There are many places for players to explore and learn about as they explore in search of the origin of Odin’s curse in the world of the well-known video game “God of War.” One such place is the mysterious abandoned village of Raven.

Players will experience an unsettling stillness as they move around the abandoned village. Only the rustling of the leaves in the wind and the sporadic caw of a raven can be heard.

However, if you are unclear about where to find the abandoned village raven, read this guide to the end, as I will reveal to you where to find Odin’s Raven in the abandoned village in God of War: Ragnarok.

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Where To Find The Abandoned Village Raven

In the game, the abandoned village Raven is a fictional location from the video game series “God of War.” It can be found in Odin’s Raven, located between two tree trunks.

However, before players would be able to access Odin’s raven in the abandoned village, they must make significant progress through the main storyline’s mission chain i.e you can only locate the raven after visiting Vanahein a second time.

Only after making a second trip to Vanaheim and shortly after finishing the Creatures of Prophecy quest will Kratos be able to locate the raven.

To complete the task, you must enter the Great Hall and apprehend a thief. Thereafter, proceed to the abandoned village close to the Eastern Barri Woods, players can locate the raven.

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The raven will be found nestled between two sizable trees to your left in the abandoned village’s sprawling, frequently intertwined trees. The raven’s crowing will grow louder as you get closer to it. Freya will emit a voice cue to indicate your approach as you get closer.

The raven’s iridescent, dazzling colors make it easy to identify it. Simply pull out your Draupnir spear and skewer the raven once you’ve located it. Even while there are undoubtedly many more eyes of Odin spread over the nine worlds, this will eliminate one from his flock.

In Conclusion…

The abandoned village of Raven is a location that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and its presence in the “God of War” video game series only adds to its allure. Located deep between two trees in the forest, so it can be easy to miss if you don’t know where to look.

  • March 10, 2023