How To Beat The Butcher In Diablo 4 – Full Guide

hiw to beat the butcher in diablo 4

The Butcher is arguably the deadliest villain in Diablo 4 and his activities properly represent his name. When you encounter him in the game, it is likely that he will leave your character dead in cold blood.

In order to win a fight against The Butcher in Diablo 4 and obtain a valuable drop of loot, there are steps that you must take. Read on to grasp what they entail.

The Butcher is one of the most difficult bosses in the Diablo 4 beta and this guide will help you out in your quest to come out tops when you face off against him at any point whilst playing the game.

How to Find The Butcher in Diablo 4

The Butcher can appear in any of the Fractured Peaks’ side dungeons at any point in time. You should really try to clear out all of the dungeons, then keep your fingers crossed and hope that he appears somewhere along the way.

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it is not uncommon for him to appear out of nowhere in the rooms, corridors, and other areas of the dungeons. Once more, there is no discernible pattern. Make sacrifices to the gods of random number generation, and hope for the best.

It is highly unlikely that you will avoid running into The Butcher while exploring the Diablo 4 beta; consequently, we do not advise that you look for him specifically. Have fun with everything that’s available, and he’ll show up at some point.

How To Beat The Butcher In Diablo 4

1. Embrace Teamwork and Good Numbers

Going it alone is challenging. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you tackle The Butcher with a group of friends if at all possible. It is true that there is power in numbers, and nowhere has this been more evident than in the face-off against The Butcher.

It makes a world of difference to have a friend or three nearby who can divert The Butcher’s attention away from you while you tend to your wounds or deal with enemies.

On the other hand, you can get The Butcher to focus on your character by running around and avoiding his attacks while your allies, particularly ranged rogues and sorcerers, pummel him with everything they have to start chipping away at that enormous health bar.

If you are playing with a Barbarian, you should have them tank the majority of the attacks while the other classes use ranged attacks to slowly chip away at The Butcher’s health.

2. Maintain Your Distancing

It’s easier to say than to do, especially for melee classes and builds, but maintaining a safe distance from The Butcher is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you’ll prevail.

The majority of his melee attacks are short-ranged and close-ranged, and they do not have a particularly long reach. Always keep a safe distance and employ ranged attacks whenever you can.

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3. Avoid The Butcher’s Charge And his Hook Attacks.

Your health will plummet like there is no tomorrow if you are the target of The Butcher’s charge and hook attacks. If you want to have a chance to win, you must avoid these at all costs.

Both of them are reasonably obvious from the beginning. You will see him wind up the hook attack briefly before he unleashes it, and then he will take a momentary break before launching the charge attack.

4. Ensure That You Have Access To Lots Of Health Potions

It has been established that there is no set pattern for when The Butcher will appear; however, you should strive to have a full set of five health potions before beginning the battle.

In addition to this, make sure to grab any health potions that appear because you will require them. Aside from that, it comes down to sheer, unwavering determination and the ability to exercise patience.

The Butcher is not an easy boss to beat, and the fact that there is no guarantee of when, where, or if he will spawn again after you die makes the fight even more difficult. Blizzard, you get a cheer for that.

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Rewards For Beating The Butcher

If you are successful in defeating The Butcher, it is very likely that you will obtain one or two legendary items for each member of your party.

It is also possible for The Butcher’s Cleaver to be dropped by the Butcher; however, only Barbarians can equip it. The cleaver has the ability to fear foes with a one hundred percent success rate and to slow them down for four seconds with a seventy percent success rate.

  • March 21, 2023