How To Unlock Seventh Trumpet In Vampire Survivors

seventh trumpet vampire survivors

Vampire Survivors is a shoot-them-up video game developed by the ace developer; Luca Galante. The survivors were bitten by vampires and survived with the help of a unique magical trumpet.

The seventh trumpet in Vampire Survivors is a powerful weapon and tool that can be used to unlock powerful secrets and bonuses. It is a coveted item for those who are playing Vampire Survivors but can be difficult to unlock.

This blog post will provide readers with step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the seventh trumpet in Vampire Survivors, allowing them to gain access to its powerful rewards. With these tips and tricks, readers can make the most of their Vampire Survivors experience and unlock the seventh trumpet with ease.

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The Seventh Trumpet In Vampire Survivors Explained

The Seventh Trumpet in Vampire Survivors is an important part of the game’s storyline. To unlock it, players must complete a series of tasks and puzzles.

These tasks must be completed in order to progress the story and unlock the Seventh Trumpet. Once players have completed all of the tasks, they will be able to access the Seventh Trumpet and progress further in the game.

It is a difficult puzzle and requires some dedication and skill to unlock the Seventh Trumpet. However, once it is unlocked, players can explore the deeper secrets of Vampire Survivors and continue their journey.

How To Unlock The Seventh Trumpet In Vampire Survivors

The latest installment of the popular Vampire Survivors franchise has players on the edge as they attempt to unlock the mysterious Seventh Trumpet. To open the Seventh Trumpet, players must complete tasks and find five special items hidden throughout the game world.

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The five special items are a Bloodstone, a Talisman, a Crystal, a Chalice, and a Key. Each item is hidden in different locations and must be collected for the player to progress. As each item is found, new areas and puzzles are unlocked, providing the player with more challenges and rewards.

Once all five items have been collected, the player can enter the Seventh Trumpet and face off against the powerful vampire lurking within. This formidable enemy will surely provide a challenge even for the most experienced Vampire Survivors players.

The seventh trumpet, made of silver and iron, was said to have the power to protect its wielder from the vampiric curse.


Unlocking the Seventh Trumpet in Vampire Survivors will provide hours of excitement and challenge. As players search the game world for the five special items, they must be prepared to face off against powerful enemies and solve challenging puzzles. Only the bravest and most skilled players will gain access to the Seventh Trumpet and its powerful vampire.

  • February 25, 2023