How To Unlock True Ending In Warm Snow

warm snow true ending

Guide to Unlock True Ending

We have presented this guide to assist you in unlocking True Ending in Warm Snow. Ensure to follow the steps shared here to achieve your goal.


  • You start by finishing the lore item request which is 35 in total. Although, you won’t even complete all the lore items and you will be rewarded with a True Ending. What is necessary here is to complete as much as you can till you’re rewarded with it. For me, I can’t even pinpoint the lore item you will complete and obtain the True Ending.

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guide to unlock true ending

  • When playing in the mini-boss field, destroy all the destructible in the area. When you destroy these items, you will be granted lore items. You will certainly come across any destructible in Jade Concubine Area in chapter 4.

warm snow true ending

  • Suppose you have obtained all the lore items in the game. You will receive a new option when you fight and defeat the Tiger Captain. The Tiger Captain is the chapter 4 boss. It uses lightning to fight. When fighting with this boss, either you select ‘Leave’ or you don’t kill him and you will be rewarded with a True Ending.

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warm snow true ending guide

  • You will also pick another option of “The Blood” when you kill the Dragon Emperor in chapter 5.

true ending warm snow

  • The blood option you will receive after defeating Dragon Emperor in the chapter is the True Ending.

true ending guide

Final Thoughts

The steps that have been outlined above are the ones that should be followed if you want to successfully unlock True Ending in Warm Snow. Do well to follow the aforementioned steps and enhance your chances of coming put tops whilst playing the game.

  • March 27, 2023