Jailbreak Script (Working)

roblox jailbreak script

About Roblox Jailbreak Game

Jailbreak is a game developed by Badimo in 2017 and it’s a multiplayer online game on the Roblox platform. The game is so addicting and just a virtual world where you either play as a sheriff, prisoner, guard, etc.

As a prisoner, you are to escape from the prison without being caught by the warders. When you play as sheriff, you will be tasked to arrest criminals and armed robbers who are terrorizing the city.

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The underworld men will be targeting banks and jewelry stores to loot them. So, ensure you capture them before they escape.

Features of Jailbreak Script:

The Jailbreak Script will enable you to cheat in the game as you will have access to Auto Rob, auto farm, and many more. This will make the game exceedingly very easy to play.

The hack I will share here was last updated in January 2023. So, it’s very active and recent.

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Script 1

Script 2


  • February 10, 2023