Murder Mystery 2 Script

mm 2 script

Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox game developed in response to Garry’s Mod game mode called Murder. Murder Mystery 2 is a trendy game on Roblox based on a horror concept and was developed by Nikilis. In the game, you will be assigned 1 or 3 roles and tasked to play it to completion.

As a murderer in the game, you are to kill many foes (innocent people) and the Sheriff before the time elapses. While the Sheriff is security tasked to protect innocent players and will be trying to kill you.

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o enjoy the game, you will need to play as a murderer. Because playing the innocent role won’t expose you to many actions, and it’s also boring. As an innocent player, you will assist the Sheriff in locating the murderer and kill him and also dodging not being killed.

Murder Mystery 2 Script


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The script we have shared in this article has many features to enjoy. Also, be informed that all the scripts shared in this blog are virus free. You’re free to execute the script, and the script also can’t be detected by the system, which shows you’re using the cheat.

How to Execute Murder Mystery 2 Script

⦁ You will need to download a Roblox script executor
⦁ Launch the executor downloaded
⦁ Launch Murder Mystery 2
⦁ Click on the download link above and copy the script pasted there into the text box of the Roblox executor.
⦁ Click on inject/execute to pop up the GUI
⦁ Activate the cheats you like and enjoy the game.

  • January 12, 2023