Roblox Boxing Beta Script (Working)

roblox boxing beta script

In this article, we will provide a Roblox Boxing Beta script. Read on to learn what you will gain when you run this script.

Boxing Beta was launched in 2022, and within a twinkle of an eye, the game garnered over 140 million views and over 4000 active players. That’s to say how addicting and fascinating the game is. It gained a lot of popularity within a short period, making some players cheat.

With that in mind, programmers came up with different scripts. And here, we have the multipurpose script, which contains all the basic, advances, and expert game features. Feel free to download and run the scripts as they’re virus free.

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The game Boxing Beta is a boxing game played on Roblox. You will have to battle it out with other gamers by punching their block.

Doing so breaks down their block meter and gives you an edge over them. So, with this script, you will experience a new and advanced level of simplified gameplay.

Boxing Beta Script & Features


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⦁ Punch faster.
⦁ Infinite stamina.
⦁ Money.
⦁ And Many More.

How to use Roblox Boxing Beta Script Hack

⦁ Ensure that you have downloaded a Roblox exploit/executor.
⦁ Launch the game and go ahead to launch the executor.
⦁ Tap on the download link below and copy the script displayed there.
⦁ At the display of the executor, locate the text box and paste the script in it.
⦁ Click on Inject/Execute to pop up GUI
⦁ You can now activate all the cheats you want and enjoy the game.

  • January 12, 2023