Treasure Of God Nadia Shovel

treasure of nadia god shovel

Treasure of God is a romantic game with silly characters and sexy ladies. You will be tasked to craft an item. You will enjoy romantic scenes while crafting your tools to progress in the game.

You will need tools and other resources you will use to craft items. With the appropriate resources available, you can craft the items easily in Treasure of God. To craft Nadia Shovel is what we will look into in this article. Follow on to learn how to craft Treasure of God Nadia Shovel.

Treasure Of Nadia: How to Craft a Shovel?

You will need to gather different resources before you can craft Nadia Shovel. There are three different shovels you will craft in Treasure of God. And their resources can be gotten across the map.

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Jade Shovel

  • Travel to Estero Park, on the left side, and pick up the Shovel Shaft left there.
  • Travel to the Parlor area, to its backyard, and find the Shovel Handle.
  • You must have the shovel head before you can craft the shovel. So, visit Squalmart to buy the item at $80.
  • After gathering all these resources, go to the Native Shrine and mix the items to produce the Jade Amulet.
  • You can now craft Jade Shovel crafted.

Swift Shovel

  • Go to the Full Mast Bar; you can pick the Carbon Shovel you will use to craft the Swift Shovel.
  • Travel to the store to buy a shovel head.
  • After obtaining the shovel head, go to Estero Park, where Scorpions usually stay.
  • With the resources you have gathered, mix the items with Silver Talisman to craft the Swift Shovel.
  • Suppose you do have Silver Talisman yet. You can get Silver Talisman by crafting 3 Stone Talismans + 1 Silver Ore

Pirate Shovel

  • Go to the Church in Madalyn and search for the Cursed Shovel.
  • Visit the Lighthouse and Teleport to the island, where you will search for the Pirate’s Medallion.
  • Mix the items you have gathered with Jade and the Gold Talisman, and you will receive the Pirate Shovel.

Final Thoughts

If you follow the steps we provided here, you can crafter all three shovels in Treasure of Nadia.

  • March 14, 2023