What Is Soul Heart In Dark And Darker?

soul heart dark and darker

When your friends die in Dark and Darker, you can revive them with some items like Soul Hearts. When you use this item, you will bring them back to the game. The question here is, what is this Soul Heart in Dark and Darker and how can we use them in the game?

After going through this article, you will be able to achieve this Soul Heart in the game. You will also learn how to use it to revive other players.

What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker?

Soul Heart is in all players in Dark and Darker and can only be seen when they’re killed in the game. For you to revive a killed player, you have to loot their body when they’re dead to get the Soul Heart. When you have gotten the Soul Heart out of the player, use it to revive the player.

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How To Use Soul Heart in Dark and Darker

When reviving the player, they won’t rise at the spot of their death. But you will look for an Alter to Sacrifice. You can locate the altar of sacrifice around the dungeons in the game.

Dungeons can be found easily when you visit the lower levels. At the altar of sacrifice, drop the soul of your heart and also your health. Doing this will bring back the dead player into the dungeon where you can continue playing with them.

Suppose you have searched and couldn’t find any dungeon, keep searching but be careful now. Note that if you’re killed before you reach the altar of sacrifice, you can’t revive your friend again.

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What will happen when you return your friend from death is they won’t have any loot again. You will take the task of covering them till they get their armor and others.

Final Thoughts

So far, these are the steps you can take to revive your friend when they’re killed in Dark and Darker with Soul Heart. We hope this guide helps you and solves your query.

  • March 20, 2023