Where To Find Pistol And Ammo In Sons Of The Forest

where to find pistol and ammo in sons of the forest

If you have been playing the game, Sons Of The Forest. You must have been wondering where you can find the Pistol and Ammo. Although, all these are quite easy to find when following the guidelines we have given here without missing a step.

Sons Of The Forest is one the addicting games with a wide array of weapons and tools. The game is very exceptional in its design and development.

Amongst everything you will get in the game, you will certainly look for where to find Pistol and Ammo. You’re not the first person who has visited us for this. For that purpose, this guide has been developed to walk you through finding Pistol and Ammo in Sons Of The Forest.

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What You Can Do With The Pistol

In Sons Of The Forest, the pistol is one of the most sort weapons and strongest in the game. But the sad aspect is you will need to find ammo which will take most of your time if you’re not guided.

But here, we have provided this guide to help you. Even though the guide has been drawn up to look easy, you won’t find it easy getting the Pistol and Ammo. So, gear up let’s go to war!

This is the place where you’ll find the pistol in Sons of the Forest

You can easily find the pistol as said earlier in Sons Of The Forest. There’s no need to travel many miles or fight many waves of enemies to get it. Rather, you will swim through the swamp into an open sea. At this sea are sharks waiting to maul you if they get hold of you.

The pistol is kept on the West area of the map, just opposite the large beach and bay you will see there. When you reach the Beah and Bay, you will see an orange life raft floating on the sea.

Go to it and ensure to have saved your game progress less you are mauled by the sharks and start the game afresh. Passing this open sea is quite difficult as it gave me a tough time till I won the fight. So, it’s your turn to give it a try.

When you succeed, you will be rewarded with flares, medicine to heal your wounds, food, a GPS locator, and the Pistol.

sons of the forest pistol and ammo

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There are attachments for the pistol – But where?

The pistol can be found in two places in the game. It’s either you travel to the beach, just by the right side of the life raft. When there, you will see a small camp where you will see a dead soldier and a radio beside him.

You will see the rail of the pistol at this point. Suppose you don’t want to pass through this process, you have another means to get the pistol. Go through the landed helicopter covered with weeds and trees.

You can find the helicopter on the West side of the map. While there, you will see a lot of military crates where you will also see the rail of the pistol.

find pistol and ammo in sons of the forest

Where can you find ammunition for the pistol?

Now on the steps to finding the pistol ammunition. The ammo can be found in many places on the map. You can find the pistol ammo in the helicopter area also.

Just search around the corners as they will be scattered around the area during the helicopter crash. The pistol ammo in Sons Of The Forest can be found when you go into caves. As some soldiers died in the cave, you can check them out to pick up their ammunition.

Finding The Ammo With Cord

Travel to the Northern cave with the coordinates x6461, and y3474. Just at the entrance, you will a box containing ammo. Pick it up and go to another location for more.

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The ammo you will get in Sons Of The Forest is 9mm of ammo for the pistol. As said above, you can get enough of this 9mm ammo. Follow the steps below to find the rest.

  1. When you go to the northern cave to get the 9mm ammo at the entrance.
  2. Set up a camp there to keep yourself protected.
  3. Save the game progress and exit the game entirely.
  4. Launch the game again and start from the last saved data. You will respawn inside the camp.
  5. Go into the cave again to pick up the 9mm ammo at the entrance.
  6. You can repeat this process till you have accumulated a lot of ammunition.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide solved your puzzle to finding the pistol and ammo in Sons Of The Forest.

  • April 10, 2023